Betsy DeVos and her Big Vision can Change the Fate of Education

Betsy DeVos, the current U.S. Secretary of Education, is a person of impact and excellence for the people who think the quality of education is highly important. To me, she is capable of executing the great mission of bringing world-class education accessible to everyone in the country. I base my beliefs based on her decades of education activism, what she stands for, and her ability to run successful education reform missions. Betsy is a proponent of quality education for everyone regardless of race, religion, or gender, and she believes an inclusive society can correct itself and drive towards excellence.

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DeVos understands that only public schooling cannot ensure the mission of quality of education, and she thinks for publicly funded, private-choice education programs as it can improve both private as well as public sector school systems. Betsy recalls that while she wanted to send her children to school decades back, she witnessed low-income parents were ready to anything to ensure quality education for their children. To them, even paying the tuition fees was a real hurdle, and at that point, DeVos thought of supporting them to give an option of education choice where parents have the right to choose the school regardless of costs associated with it. She and her husband Dick DeVos set up a foundation to give scholarships to low-income students to help the parents for choosing the school.

Later, Betsy expanded her area of activism and served on the boards of two education-based charities, American Education Reform Council and Children First America, both worked towards education choice programs through tax credits and school vouchers. She made an unsuccessful bid to implement tax credit scholarships for her state, Michigan, in 2000. I always feel a level of a fraternity to her considering her deep commitment to the education – a resource or tool which can make America great again. Betsy Devos continued her efforts, and she supported charter school system as well considering the significant impact it can create in the quality education mission. Her programs got widespread acceptance in the recent years, and currently, Florida has one of the biggest education choice programs that supports more than 50,000 students through tax-credit scholarships. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Before assuming the role of Secretary of Education, Betsy was the Chairman of a privately held investment management firm, The Windquest Group. She was also a chief investor of Neurocore, an initiative working on biofeedback for brain centers to address autism, depression, and more. As part of her philanthropic life, DeVos serves on the boards of many charitable organizations, including Kids Hope USA, Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Mars Hill Bible Church, Acton Institute, Foundation for Excellence in Education, ArtPrize, and more. Apart from education, Betsy contributes to the transformation of leadership, justice, arts, and community. She completed her Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One Stop Shop For Food At OSI Industries

     There are a ton of good foods and meats. However, some people are inclined to think about where they are getting their food from. One thing that is certain is that the quality of the food that people are getting depends on the source of the food. Therefore, if people are getting high quality food, it goes without saying that they are probably getting it from a high quality source. One of the best sources to get food from is OSI Industries. They make sure that they take a lot of care of the food they have so that people will be able to enjoy their meal without having to worry about illness.

While many people may know OSI for the meats they offer, there is a lot more to learn about OSI on what the company has to offer. For one thing, there are a lot of options on not only the type of food people can get from OSI, but the way it is prepared. People have control over the seasoning, the other dishes and all of the other aspects of the food that is prepared. For one thing, all types of clients get their food from OSI Group.

One good thing about OSI is that they offer their services to food service companies like fast food companies and full service restaurants. This is one of the reasons people enjoy some of the best flavors and textures. OSI makes sure that people know where to go for food that is both healthy and tasty. They make sure that people are getting the highest quality in protein as well as other nutrients from their food service places. They also provide their food for grocery stores so that they will be able to sell only the highest quality of food so that their customers could trust them.

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InnovaCare, Inc. Added Three Executives to the Organization Team in Mid-2016

Innovacare Inc. is a Medicare and Medicaid Advantage organization that has been leading in the provision of healthcare-related services across Puerto Rico. In mid-2016, the organization filled three executive positions in their leadership team as announced by Richard Shinto who serves the organization as the president and the CEO. The three executives added are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. Jonathan Meyers was appointed to serve InnovaCare, Inc. as the chief actuary officer. Previously he was working with Horizon BCBS as the director of the actuarial service, HealthCare Partners as the Chief Actuary and in a department of Heritage Medical Systems serving as both the VP and CFO of Managed Care. He had also worked with different organizations providing Employees Benefits Consultancy Services providing the senior executives with strategic advises on employees Healthcare benefits.

Penelope Kokkinides was selected to serve InnovaCare, Inc. as the Chief Administrative Officer having great experience in managed care industry. She had worked previously with different government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid where she gathered a lot of experience in managing healthcare operations and processes and developing different clinical programs. She does all this ensure that any organization she works for have efficient and improved healthcare infrastructure. Previously, she had worked with other organizations holding executive positions such as Centerlight HealthCare where she served as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. She also worked at Touchstone Health as the Chief Operating Officer and AmeriChoice as the Corporate Vice President for both disease management and care management. Visit Penelope’s website at

Mike Sortino was chosen to serve InnovaCare, Inc. as the Chief accounting officer. He had a vast experience as a Controller gained while working at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. He had also worked with HCC Specialty for about five years as the Chief Finance Officer and apart from these experiences he had vast knowledge in reinsurance and insurance industry making him the best candidate for the position. Shinto applauded the three executives and added that their experience, professional integrity, and expertise in their areas of work brings a rich and unique skill set to InnovaCare, Inc. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

About InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare, Inc. is a leading organization in Puerto Rico where it prides in offering health plans to different people. Some of their programs include the PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. (PMC) and MMM Healthcare, Inc. (MMM). They also work with the Government Health Plan (GHP) whereby they manage about two Medicaid plans offering benefit coverage to people of Puerto Rico by implementing a coordinated care model. Their focus is to provide health care that is cost-effective, innovative, coordinated and fully incorporated with improved technologies.


Inmates are comprised of our friends and family. Though incarcerated, they still deserve to be loved and given attention. A prison is a place for reforming and reflecting on past misdeeds. It does not mean inmates should be expelled completely from the outside world. For over 25 years, Securus Technologies have worked with correctional facilities. Their aim is to ensure that inmates can communicate with their friends and loved ones as they serve time.


When the company started in 1986, it had offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. Securus has about one thousand employees and serves about 26,000 correctional facilities in the nation. In Canada, it is working for about 2200 correctional facilities. The headquarters of the company are in Dallas, Texas. Besides correctional facilities, this company also works with law enforcement agencies.


Securus Technologies has several services it offers to inmates and correctional facilities. Apart from providing communication for inmates and outsiders, this company avails tools for information. For instance, it provides investigative services to correctional facilities. Other services entail inmate self-service, information management, public information, emergency response, incident management, verification, and monitoring. Also, this company has assisted in the fight against contraband phones in the prisons. It has worked to ensure that those phones do not get registration from any mobile companies.


This company is a technology based firm, and hence, it aims at growing and evolving. The goal is to continue inventing technology, which will continue assisting its customers in their communication needs. Currently, Securus wants to introduce video calling services. Inmates will now communicate with friends, attorneys, and family through video.


This technology is facilitated by the internet. As long as both parties are connected to the internet, they will communicate from wherever they are. This technology will resolve long queues at the telephone booths and visitors coming to the facilities. It will also feel convenient for outsiders to communicate at the comfort of where they are. Video communication can be available on smartphones, tablets, computers and any other relevant gadget.


Securus Technologies has come this far because of its transparency and determination in their work. The company believes in quality service to its customers. Despite the thousands of clients, they are all served satisfactorily. Due to the honesty among the staffs, if they are unable to handle any issue, they are truthful about it. Clients have realized working with Securus is dependable and they continue to enjoy this loyalty.


Another evident value of this company is the level of confidentiality. All critical information requiring privacy is handled with utmost integrity. All protocols are observed at Federal, State, and Local levels. Leadership in this company will continue to pursue better standards for the sake of its customers.



Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Innovative Work in Aging Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an accomplished researcher and teacher of oncology. By and by, he works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He holds a PhD in test pharmaceutical and cardiology. Blagosklonny is an alum of the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He earned his graduate degree in inside prescription from a similar foundation.

He works for the association as an educator of oncology. Blagosklonny was designated because of his broad experience and research. He turned into a partner educator at the New York Medical College in 2002. Moreover, Blagosklonny filled in as a senior researcher for the Ordway Research Institute. Blagosklonny’s exploration concentrates on hostile to maturing drugs, malignancy, directed treatments for tumor, and maturing components.

He has been perceived globally as one of the energetic supporters of Rapamycin, a tumor tranquilize. Mikhail Blagosklonny has built up a theory on the potential part of TOR motioning in disease and maturing. He has proposed the utilization of rapamycin given its capacity to drag out one’s life.

He trusts that it is conceivable to have a group that is free from tumor and maturing impacts. It is consequently that Blagosklonny has devoted his opportunity to directing more research on oncology. As a major aspect of his theory, Mikhail zeroes in atomic science, cell science, cell cycle, hostile to malignancy therapeutics, ontogenesis, clinical examinations, and tumor silencers.

He is likewise an Associate Editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy of a similar diary. He is much more famous for his promotion of the utilization of the malignancy medicate Rapamycin for conceivable life span of life. He has done a great deal of research on malignancy and target growth treatments. He has done exploration on Biogerontology and has proposed Rapamycin as a hostile to maturing drug.

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He holds numerous productions under his name. He has distributed more than 270 papers. He is recorded as having utilized more than 25,000 references. He along these lines holds h-file of 83. From the previous, plainly Blagosklonny Mikhail is an expert Physician, Scientist and Lecturer of Treatment and Oncology.

He has ascended through the positions with different first rate arrangements. He now holds the position of Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He keeps on composing a larger number of distributions having composed more than 270 paper up to this point. He is enthusiastic in Bio gerontology and has even proposed utilization of Rapamycin to prolong life.

Furthermore, Blagosklonny has made huge commitments to science diaries. He is a partner editorial manager of various distributions, including International Journal for Cancer, PLUS ONE, and American Journal of Pathology. He considers diaries to be an extraordinary medium of empowering individuals to know about the things that are going on. To date, Mikhail Blagosklonny has composed more than 300 articles. His distributions manage chemotherapeutic designing, maturing hyperfunction hypothesis, and cell cyclotherapy. The researcher has reliably imparted his thoughts to people in general on malignancy and maturing. His info and commitment of thoughts has been indispensable in malignancy and maturing research. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Roberto Santiago Created More Than Just a Mall

Roberto Santiago is the owner and the developer behind the Manaira Mall but he was able to create so much more than that when he first came up with the idea for the mall. He did what he could to make sure that he was providing people with everything that they needed but never had in a mall. He didn’t just want to create something that was a dining and shopping option. Instead, he wanted to create a mall that people could spend hours in and never get tired of. He wanted to show them what a shopping mall could be and what they would be able to get out of the mall if they chose to. He wanted people to be able to spend hours at a time in the mall and never get more of the options that they had. The Manaira Mall was a dream come true for Roberto Santiago who wanted to create something for everyone who came to visit. Read more on

Along with traditional shopping and dining experiences that most shoppers would expect to find in a mall, Roberto Santiago knew that he could provide people with an excellent experience. He wanted to show people what he was capable of and what they could get out of the different options. He focused the extra things that the mall had around Brazilian culture and that also helped the mall to be a great tourist attraction for people who were coming to visit from other areas in the world.

The Manaira Mall was not Roberto Santiago’s first business venture, though. He had actually developed several different commercial buildings in the time that he was working in development. It helped him to do better with the options that he had and with the experiences that he could create for people. He knew that development was more than just building offices and retail locations. He wanted to show people the experiences that they could get from having great places to visit and this is something that he did with the Manaira Mall. He also did it with other development opportunities that he had for people to enjoy.

When Roberto Santiago first came up with the idea for the development company, it was not something that he was going to do forever. He had actually worked creating shipping cartons and selling them to people who could use them to their advantage. This was a successful business but it was something that he did as just a child. He didn’t want to continue doing that forever and knew that he would be able to make more money in other areas. He sold that business so that he would be able to start his development business. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing