A Makeup Company with An Individual Approach

For most people who use makeup, wearing the products they do serves as a form of self expression. Makeup allows people to be who they are both inside and out. For these exact reason, Doe Deere created her cosmetic company, Lime Crime.


Doe Deere began her venture in the makeup industry almost out of frustration. Doe is a big fan of bright and unusual makeup colors and was unable to find any. In 2008, the current makeup trend was a more natural look. When she came up empty, she decided to make her own. People showed a lot of interest in what she was making and Lime Crime was born.


Originally born and raised in Russia, Doe Deere is known as the “Queen of Unicorns.” When she was 17 years old, she moved to the United States. She settled in New York City. Manhattan is where she first called home but eventually found herself in Brooklyn. In 2012, Doe moved out west and currently lives in Los Angeles.


When Doe arrived in New York City, she joined a band. She had always been musical and creative and being part of the band was an excellent fit for her. It also taught her a lot of lessons as well. She learned what it took to have a successful career, she learned about the marketing side of a business, and she learned how to please others and appreciate their support for what the band was doing.


Also being a member of the band allowed Doe to become very close to all of the band members. One of the members she became especially close to and they eventually were married. After the launch of Lime Crime, he became her business partner. The couple found they worked well together when they were in their band. They were the songwriters and the promoters of the band. Their success played a direct role in the success of the band.


From the very beginning, Lime Crime took a different approach to makeup. The company began as an online company and eventually moved to brick-and-mortar stores. Being based online led to some creative ways to promote the products. Since customers were not able to directly try the products on, lots of examples of the colors on different skin tones were used. Customers were given different ways to get a feel for the products before they purchased.


Doe Deere has always been an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. She started her first business when she was only 13. She sold temporary tattoos to the people she went to school with. From there, she never looked back. Doe is involved in every aspect of her company. She wants every product she puts out to be the best it can be. All products are certified vegan and cruelty free.


Lime Crime has taken makeup to another level. Makeup wearers, both men and women, have countless options to express themselves and be exactly who they want to be. Learn more: https://theweirdstore.net/blogs/the-weird-store/how-doe-deere-became-queen-of-the-unicorns