Alex Pall’s musical journey as part of the Chainsmokers duo

Chainsmokers is a musical group composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The group is known for its DJing work. They make electronic beats which make up dance music. Normally, the duo is used to making beats which feature artists and vocalists adding the human element. This time, the duo has made a difference. For the first time, the duo has released a song in which Andrew Taggart is the vocalist.

The step taken by the group is aimed at personalizing their music. They want to introduce the human feeling element in their work. They no longer have to depend on songwriters and vocalist to make their music appealing to the fans. The days when they would stand behind the booth and plays beats is behind them. They want to be recognized as people with feelings and who need appreciation for the work they do. The duo is bringing some intimacy to a genre of music that is usually associated with drug-like euphoria.

Alex Pall always wanted to be a DJ. From a young age, he was passionate about music. He went around New York playing in gigs that he got a chance to DJ. He felt that the passion for DJing was burning within him and he needed to do something to get his talent on the track. He left his job to concentrate on music. He teamed up with Taggart who was introduced by their current manager.

Andrew Taggart on the other end shares a similar story with Pall. He wanted to be an artist. DJing was his passion. He found the perfect partner in Alex Pall whom he met while still in college. Together, they shared similar interests something that made them do more to make their passions an income generating affair.

Alex and Andrew are creating songs which talk about their life experiences. Although they do work with songwriters, they sit down with them to ensure their input features in the lyrics. There are other songs they have written fully by themselves.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are now all about bringing order into their music life. They do not want to be known for making disjointed songs. Their wish is to consolidate their musical work.