Betsy DeVos and her Big Vision can Change the Fate of Education

Betsy DeVos, the current U.S. Secretary of Education, is a person of impact and excellence for the people who think the quality of education is highly important. To me, she is capable of executing the great mission of bringing world-class education accessible to everyone in the country. I base my beliefs based on her decades of education activism, what she stands for, and her ability to run successful education reform missions. Betsy is a proponent of quality education for everyone regardless of race, religion, or gender, and she believes an inclusive society can correct itself and drive towards excellence.

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DeVos understands that only public schooling cannot ensure the mission of quality of education, and she thinks for publicly funded, private-choice education programs as it can improve both private as well as public sector school systems. Betsy recalls that while she wanted to send her children to school decades back, she witnessed low-income parents were ready to anything to ensure quality education for their children. To them, even paying the tuition fees was a real hurdle, and at that point, DeVos thought of supporting them to give an option of education choice where parents have the right to choose the school regardless of costs associated with it. She and her husband Dick DeVos set up a foundation to give scholarships to low-income students to help the parents for choosing the school.

Later, Betsy expanded her area of activism and served on the boards of two education-based charities, American Education Reform Council and Children First America, both worked towards education choice programs through tax credits and school vouchers. She made an unsuccessful bid to implement tax credit scholarships for her state, Michigan, in 2000. I always feel a level of a fraternity to her considering her deep commitment to the education – a resource or tool which can make America great again. Betsy Devos continued her efforts, and she supported charter school system as well considering the significant impact it can create in the quality education mission. Her programs got widespread acceptance in the recent years, and currently, Florida has one of the biggest education choice programs that supports more than 50,000 students through tax-credit scholarships. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Before assuming the role of Secretary of Education, Betsy was the Chairman of a privately held investment management firm, The Windquest Group. She was also a chief investor of Neurocore, an initiative working on biofeedback for brain centers to address autism, depression, and more. As part of her philanthropic life, DeVos serves on the boards of many charitable organizations, including Kids Hope USA, Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Mars Hill Bible Church, Acton Institute, Foundation for Excellence in Education, ArtPrize, and more. Apart from education, Betsy contributes to the transformation of leadership, justice, arts, and community. She completed her Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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