Bruno Fagali Heads A New Agency In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a new man in town, so to speak. Mr. Fagali, who has a law degree, has been chosen to lead the newly formed Specialist in Communication of Public Interest, Bruno Fagali is head of a new Brazilian agency that oversees the new Brazilian anti-corruption laws.

Started over two years ago, the process took a while to create the Corporate Integrity Program. Mr. Bruno Fagali was chosen as its head. Mr. Fagali was more than equal to the task of coordinating and operating a new agency. He has several degrees in law and has worked closely with other agencies throughout his illustrious career.

As head of the new agency, Bruno Fagali brings with him years of expertise in international and regulatory law. He has broken new ground with his expertise and with his understanding of how corporate integrity is important in the roles of communication.


It is Bruno Fagali’s job as a lawyer is to oversee the corruption in advertising that is played upon the public in different ways, and Mr. Fagali has the methods and the know-how to recognize such inappropriate behavior.

The code of conduct for such a position was written by a number of individuals and overseen by a number of others, so that there could be no mistake in the meaning and in the language of what was being put fort for the public to understand. Mr. Bruno Fagali made sure that there was no misunderstanding, and he was fully aware of the hard work and dedication it would take to make his new agency a reality that worked well for everyone.

The new measures are in place in order to guarantee that corporate corruption and advertising play no part in the public policies of Brazil and its businesses. So far, the agency headed by Bruno Fagali appears to be extremely successful in its endeavors.

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