Clay Hutson’s Life and Music Career

Clay Hutson Background Information

Clayton Hutson runs a successful music business. However, his success did not come on a silver platter. His love for music goes back to when he was a small boy. He has a bachelor’s degree in Theater Designed that he earned from Central Michigan University. Clayton also has a master’s in Business Administration from the Stephen M. To gain experience in the entertainment industry, Clayton worked for several entertainment companies after graduating. He worked as a project manager and a sound engineer. His line of career gave him the chance to work with iconic figures such as Billy Graham. While working with Billy Graham, Clayton Hutson got the opportunity to tour with his sound team.


However, he chose to follow a different career line in the entertainment industry. His love for music gave him the confidence to end his career in the corporate entertainment and his work with the Billy Graham’s sound team. He was passionate about rock ‘n’ roll. Luckily for Clayton, his extensive experience in sound engineering came in handy when he decided to go solo and start his own music business.


Clay Hutson is a self-driven individual who has worked hard to achieve the success he has today. His music business has grown to become a dynasty and his reputation grows along with it. His career in music has afforded him the opportunity to travel across the globe. He has also worked with famous musicians like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Kid Rock. He still manages them up to date. Apart from his music career, Clay is a family man and enjoys spending time with family.


Music Business

Clay Hutson knows his way in the music industry. He is a successful mongrel who knows how to make a live concert successful. According to Clay, the skills he acquired while working for other companies spearheaded him to start his own business. He has a strong work ethic and diligence. His business offers a range of services such as logistics management, stage management, rigging, monitor engineering, production design, and management. His business offers a one-stop shop and provides cost friendly services. Clay makes sure that every live concert goes as planned by ensuring everything is in place before the start. He double checks all equipment and props to avoid any unnecessary mishap. He is fully committed to his job and values his clients. Learn more: