Dallas Bank, Changing the Lives of the People of Dallas

A lot comes in mind when Dallas bank, Nexbank becomes a topic of discussion. The Dallas based bank has not only been providing commercial banking, institutional or mortgage banking services but has also been involved in many other charity-related initiatives. The bank has been providing these services primarily to financial institutions, large corporations, real estate investors, institutional customers and middle-market clients. It has also been a blessing to many women in Dallas as well as to scholars and their guardians.

Besides playing great roles in sponsoring Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon with a $100,000 gift in improving their economic welfare and leadership, Dallas bank, Nexbank has also partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a non-profit mortgage service provider. This organization has been working together with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes has conveyed the good news to its clients that, it will be providing families in Dallas with an affordable housing loan program that they will without doubt fall in love with. The firm will be providing more than 100 loans on annual basis for low-income residents in the city. It is a promising project as Nexbank has promised to provide more than $50 million in loans to the residents in need.

Dallas Neighborhood Home will use these profits to lend low-income clients and help them secure a mortgage and improve their lives. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will also be offering counseling services to those seeking mortgage services from the Dallas bank, Nexbank. This is a great initiative to help those seeking mortgage plan how to use it effectively. Mark Tribuna, on behalf of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, said that they are pleased and indebted to NexBank for giving residents an opportunity to change their livelihood.

Besides getting these loans, the residents will also have a chance to improve the lives of their children. Nexbank has also provided relief to parents and scholars after it acquired the College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. The bank has been providing more than 529 college-saving initiatives that have changed the lives of many scholars. The initiative will help Dallas bank, Nexbank satisfy the needs of its clients and aid many families save for college education.