David McDonald Embodies The Spirit And Vision Of OSI Group

David McDonald embodies the spirit and vision of OSI Group. OSI is one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. However, the company evolved from humble beginnings. It was originally a family-owned meat market in the Chicago area. Over the years OSI Group grew to international success. David McDonald joined the company right out of college and has been with the organization his entire career. He is dedicated to the company’s overall mission.

David McDonald is originally from a small town in Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and came into OSI Group as an intern for Sheldon Lavin. McDonald was able to study the company’s operations from the ground-up. He learned from Lavin and many other executives what OSI’s basic mission was all about. McDonald knew that he would have to embrace change and evolve quickly in order to keep up with the management style at the company.

OSI Group had recently spread into the Asia-Pacific region when David McDonald came on board. A business deal with K & K foods created the OSI Group Asia Pacific Division in Taiwan. The company went on to spread throughout Central and South America as well as Europe. There are currently 65 plants operating in 17 countries. OSI has an international workforce of well over 20,000 team members.

David McDonald has maintained the company vision and intensity as COO of OSI Group. He realined the management structure in OSI’s China region. The move would make managers more accountable for the readiness of their divisions. McDonald also secured several acquisitions that has put OSI at the front of its industry.

The company has acquired other organizations such as Tyson Foods, Flagship Food Group, Baho Foods and Turi Foods. Each of these mergers gives OSI Group the opportunity to expand its presence in the market.