Dick Devos: When Reforms Equate Political Will

Known as champions for the rights of students and workers with critical needs for labor and education reforms, Dick and Betsy Devos have made a significant mark in their respective political careers. Originating from families of business giants, the Devos never failed to give back the community through their relentless efforts to push necessary systematic reforms. Banking on their influence, the Devos committed their lives to challenging the institutional system that gave rise to unfair enforcement of policies.


In some cases when existing policies no longer serve the welfare of the public, Dick and Betsy Devos try to craft new policies and have them supported by enforcement. The political couple is known as advocates of education, and that is why most of their proposals are related to evolving the education system in Michigan. When Betsy Devos proposed for charter schools to be expanded in hopes of helping more students, she received overwhelming support from the public.


Several years ago, Dick Devos started the industrial revolution in Grand Rapids when he deliberately said no to the proposed establishment of a multi-purpose arena and sports center in the downtown area. Being groomed as the next CEO of Amway Corporation, his business acumen was respected by both politicians and businesspeople in the area. His opinion led to a more significant industrial movement around Grand Rapids when business groups consolidated with a goal of developing the entrepreneurial panorama of the suburbs.


When Dick DeVos initiated the move to get Southwest to open more routes out of the Grand Rapids airport, some business leaders supported him in hopes of creating more business opportunities around the area. The initiative led to more budget flights and a surge of passengers coming in and out of the airport. Dick Devos proved that his plan did not only benefit local businesses but also helped passengers travel within their budget.


With his appointment at the FAA Management Advisory Council, Dick Devos became one of its greatest assets. Aside from his extensive business background, Devos is also a self-confessed aviation enthusiast and a pilot. When he founded the Michigan Aviation Academy together with his wife, Betsy Devos as co-founder, he opened many doors for students who want to launch their careers in the aviation industry. Moreover, the FAA was able to make much progress under the leadership of Dick Devos.


For someone whose life has been both in the public and private sector, while trying to uplift the standards of governance and administration, Dick Devos is the epitome of integrity and passion. When leaders are respected in their chosen field because of their achievements, it means that they offer practical leadership. With all the accomplishments that Dick Devos has earned over the years, his leadership can no longer be compromised.


In the years to come, Dick and Betsy Devos continue to bring changes in the political arena, and to every institution, they both belong to. Their plans will always be for the sake of progress. With most of their proposals got supported, the Devos keep the inspiration to bring more initiatives and reforms under their watch.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.