Dr. Mark Mckenna Plans to Change How Patients Find Doctors

Have you ever heard the term industry disruptive technology? The term is used to describe the arrival of a new technology or process that usually leads to a permanent change in an industry. Take shopping as an example, years ago if you wanted a new book, you have to drive to the nearest bookstore and hope they had the book in stock. Now, most people simply go to the Amazon website and have the book sent to their home. Because of this, fewer and fewer bookstores exist.

Now, Dr. Mark Mckenna plans to do the same thing with cosmetic medicine through his new company OVME. Currently, OVME is a website which allows customers to join an exclusive group where they are granted access to a number of health and beauty treatments. With treatments available ranging from weight loss help to botox injections all available through OVME. With OVME, Dr. Mark Mckenna has put together a team of top-level medical practitioners providing their services based on the customer’s schedule and at the location of the customers choosing.

Dr. Mark Mckenna doesn’t plan to stop there, he plans to make OVME a national brand with services being offered by the top professionals in the area of the customer. He believes OVME will be a household name like Kleenex or Q-tip in the future.

The main problem Dr. Mark Mckenna sees is customers don’t know who to trust. There is no easily recognizable brand that customers can turn to for these types of services. We have all seen and heard the horror stories when these procedures are performed by someone in his not qualified and customers suffer as a result. Infections, frozen faces, and swollen misshapen lips are all fears that keep many customers away. By offering customers access to top-rated medical practitioners they know they can trust Dr. Mark Mckenna believes OVME can corner the market.

The company has an app in development with plans to make the process feel familiar to users of common apps such as Uber. Customers will log into the app and choose the service they are interested in. After that, they will be able to choose their practitioner and view ratings left my other customers, and most importantly feel confident that only top rated expert physicians are invited to offer their services on OVME. After, the customer chooses a physician a consultation will be conducted with a doctor using the app. The last step is to schedule the procedure at a time and place the customer chooses.