End Citizens United Seeks To Champion Election Finance Reform

The growing influence of the End Citizens United PAC has shown just how supportive the people of the U.S. have become to overturning a Supreme Court decision The Washington Post claimed had overturned anti-corruption rules in politics that had been in place for over a century. The 2010 Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court is the sole focus of the End Citizens United campaign that is acting as a traditional PAC with supporters limited to providing only $5,000 as a maximum campaign donation in a bid to make sure no major influence is allowed for donors over the political direction the group is moving in; despite the limit on donations the PAC hit around $25 million in donations during the 2016 Presidential elections that allowed them to raise the issue of wealthy donors and campaign donations to a wider public throughout the campaign season.


For many political experts the chances of overturning the Citizens United decision may be a difficult one to achieve, but the chance to keep the issue of a small group of wealthy donors providing the majority of funding for major political parties and candidates in the public eye is one the End Citizens United campaign is looking to continue with over the coming years. Operating as a traditional PAC means the major political donors are removed from the process of funding and influencing the process and direction taken by End Citizens United, which has now become dedicated to backing Democrat’s for office across the nation who are friendly to the cause of ending the Citizens United decision.


In a bid to make sure the political system in the U.S. remains fair for all and is not centered around the corruption that could take place by those who feel they can provide political policy changes in return for funding End Citizens United are backing candidates in the run up to the 2018 midterm elections. End Citizens United reports it has taken a long hard look at the future of the PAC with President Tiffany Muller explaining the PAC feels Democrats are more open to election finance reform than their Republican counterparts prompting the decision to back left leaning candidates in future elections.


Despite only forming 2015, End Citizens United has quickly grown to become one of the leading Democrat supporting PAC’s in the U.S. with grassroots donations averaging more than $12 in the first few months of 2017. To have a major effect on the 2018 midterm elections the End Citizens United campaign is seeking to achieve a major funding goal of $35 million with donations of $5,000 or less from grassroots donors; End Citizens United feels this goal is within reach after $4 million was pledged in the first three months of 2017.


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