Fabletic’s Inspirational Journey

When a product or service is recommended by friends or family it often increases the likely hood of you going through with the purchase. Nowadays people go beyond their inner circle for reviews before making a purchase. Consumers turn to crowd-sourced reviews to get an even greater recommendation. Companies are seeing this trend and restructuring their marketing tactics to help win over the hearts of customers. Fabletic’s is a brand that not only sees this consumer behavior happening, but also understands why it is taking place. Since it’s launch in 2013′, Fabletic’s has grown to a multi-million dollar company. With over a million members and counting Fabletic’s has shown overall growth of 200% since its launch date. Fabletic’s parent company is TechStyle Fashion Group. Shawn Gold, a marketing executive at TechStyle Fashion Group is very pleased with the success of Fabletic’s and gives credit to user reviews for making it all possible.


Fabletic’s has used consumer reviews to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. With more and more tech-savvy customers flooding the markets, companies are having to do more to prove themselves to customers each day. Studies show that 84% of people trust online reviews more than recommendations from someone they personally know. The statistics seem to grow each year the survey has been conducted. Trust in society seems to be at an all-time low so having a surge of genuine reviews is a surefire way to win the masses. Positive reviews also help websites rank better on Google. Fabletic’s is obsessed with pleasing their customers. With over 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot, Fabletic’s has proved to have a reputation that is honorable. Fabletic’s actively engages with the thousands of customers that go out of their way to post online reviews. Your opinion does matter to them and they want to improve their business model with your feedback.


Fabletic’s has always been transparent and customer focused. Fabletic’s has some big name fans like superstar Demi Lovato backing them. Demi has mentioned some aspiring words about the brands mission. Fabletic’s vision is to empower women of all shapes and sizes. Who else better to help with this vision than Kate Hudson? Kate is heavily involved with the brand on so many different levels. Each week Kate goes over sales numbers and implements new strategies where she sees fit. It’s rare to see a celebrity wearing the product they endorse. This isn’t the case for Kate Hudson. Kate loves Fabletic’s and is a huge fan herself. It was a rough start for Fabletic’s because of their high standards for quality goods. There first order was around $300,000 and ended up being trashed because of low quality. Fabletic’s demands only the highest quality fabrics are used when making their products.

Fabletic’s has made a commitment to high quality and world class customer service. By keeping these standards this brand has grown 43% in just one calendar year. Fabletic’s uses modern technology to better serve their customer base. The technology used by Fabletic’s matches customers with styles that suit them best. You can give it a try yourself and explore your new look today. Take the lifestyle quiz on Fabletic’s website and get paired with personalized trending outfits for your next workout.