Get the Body that You Have Dreamed of with Enhanced Athlete

In late November 2017, Enhanced Athlete won its argument in the United States District Court in California to block an injunction filed against them by Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete is one of many supplement companies Nutrition Distribution has filed lawsuits against or sent cease and desist letters demanding settlement payments for false advertising by its competitors. Enhanced Athlete argues that the claims are baseless and that the lawsuits are aimed at forcing settlements to avoid expensive and lengthy court proceedings.

The court agreed with Enhanced Athlete that Nutrition Distribution failed to prove that their loss in sales was connected to Enhanced Athlete. The CEO of Enhanced Athlete Scott Cavell states that his company will not be intimidated into settling the lawsuit like some other companies have because it would allow Nutrition Distribution to continue its unfair practices.

Enhanced Athlete has a few partnership possibilities available from product sales to overseas commercial distribution. The companies current partners include: Scott’s Supplements, Enhanced Athlete Mexico, Enhanced Athlete Europe, Mandy’s Muscle House in India, Enhanced Athlete Brazil, Jonathan Cadavid Correa in Columbia, South America and Muscle Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

The company also offers a wide range of coaching support to help you reach your goals and there are three plans available: Starter Pack, Summer Shred and Enhanced Pro. The Starter Pack includes training or diet plan, unlimited supplement advice and Q & A with the coach at a price of $97 a month. The Summer Shred Pack cost $197 a month and includes 90 day training programs, unlimited online coaching and formulated by coach Trevor. The Enhanced Pro package has a one time fee of $457 and includes customized meal and diet plan, get ripped or lean pack and weekly check in calls.

Enhanced Athlete has a wide variety of gear to include: hoodies, shirts, thermals, shorts, joggers, stringers, gym bags, shaker bottles, hats, keychains and necklaces all at an affordable price. The merchandise can be ordered online through the Enhanced Gear website. The gear can also be shared via Facebook or Twitter. The company accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.

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