HCRC And Brian Torchin- Staffing Rethought

Glassdoor reveals that businesses that change the way business is done typically succeed, and Brian Torchin is no exception to this rule in the healthcare world. Brian, after starting his own chiropractic firm, foresaw the need for staffing assistance throughout the healthcare sector- specifically, a firm that pairs healthcare providers with practices that require their skills.

Brian, therefore, helped to fill a critical gap in the way that private practices acquire and manage talent.

Brian Torchin took the concept of horizontal integration and applied it to the human resources sector of the healthcare industry. Summarily, this prevented businesses from ferreting through dozens of applications and instead helped streamline the staffing for a wide variety of healthcare specialties.

In addition to providing a breadth of talent across the spectrum of healthcare, Brian Torchin envisioned a process that put the power of hiring into the employers hands at minimal cost. Employers are matched with providers on the basis of specifications they provide and therefore have a higher success rate in terms of their provider-client relationships.

HCRC was the culmination of this vision and stands out among stiff competition in the employment and staffing sector for its tailored efficiency and customer satisfaction. Read more: HCRC Staffing | Twitter

The model fills a stated need in the medical community and provides better quality care at lower cost and effort than the traditional hiring process. Furthermore, HCRC maximizes the potential of the available job market and puts this powerful resource in the hands of the smallest healthcare provider.

HCRC has been exulted by reporting on CNN and other major news outlets for his innovative approach. The only question that remains to be answered is the long-term, positive impacts of HCRC’s services.

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