Jeff Herman Has Some Great Insights For Parents

In a recent discussion on sexual abuse, Jeff Herman gave some Useful Tips that parents can follow to make sure their children are safe from sexual predators.

The first tip Jeff Herman gave was for parents to keep all of their conversations with their children age appropriate. He explained that talking about sexual abuse to a child does not have to include large words or even indecent words. He explained that children can fully understand what is going on when a person speaks to them on their level.

The second tip Jeff gave was for parents to instill the word no in their children’s hearts and minds. Jeff stated that many sexual abuse cases regarding children happen due to the child not saying no. However, Jeff Herman believes children should be taught to say no and to scream it as loud as they can. Jeff believes this single rule can decrease the number of sexual abuse cases against children for years to come.

Jeff Herman graduated from Case Western University with high honors. He landed a few successful internships in the world of general law. However, Jeff always felt unfulfilled, but this all changed after he took on his first sexual abuse case. After seeing the relief in the eyes of the victim in the case, Jeff Herman decided to devote the rest of his law career to being the voice for victims of sexual abuse.

Jeff began focusing on the Catholic Church, and he ended up being the voice for hundreds of victims who were sexually abused by a parishioner of the church. Jeff is known for winning over 200 million dollars for victims of sexual abuse. In addition to representing victims of sexual abuse, Jeff Herman travels around America giving talks about how important it is for victims of sexual abuse to come forward. Go To This Page to learn more.


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