Lip Service With a Smile

The creators of EOS Lip Balm use influencer marketing, social media, automation, time and effort to move nearly one million units of lip balm per week according to Kline Research.The acronym, EOS, stands for Evolution of Smooth. According to a Fast Company trade article, ¬†the ¬†focus of EOS was originally on creating a product that would find its place in US consumer shopping bags and become a staple in one’s beauty care regime.

As the company has expanded its social media base to seven million on Facebook, information about its values and partnerships with other brands such as Disney and Keds is made known. The audience for EOS lip balm products is largely professional young Millennials between age 25 and 35 concerned with style and appearance.

The founders of EOS Lip Balm spent considerable time and effort attending engineering conferences and trade shows. These occasions were networking opportunities to confer with designers over establishing an industrial platform that would solely be automated for the production and manufacturing of EOS Lip Balm. The time and effort spent has paid dividends on the back end as new accounts have their demands satisfied in a short period of time. The article cites further growth in lip balm production as the demand for products based on more natural organic ingredients are levied by consumers.

Walgreens was the first chain to agree to carry EOS Lip Balm; Walmart and Target later added this product based on sales success. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and key bloggers have also influenced growth of this product among their fans and adherents. Moving from a tube to a sphere, creating a product that provided sensual pleasure was but the beginning for EOS Lip Balm; it has surpassed longstanding Chapstick and other competing products.

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