Mina Ebrahimi Takes Spectators on Amazing Journey

Mina Ebrahimi is the CEO of Saint Germain Catering, and she has been in business for 20 years. This is quite impressive, but people that read her blog will discover something that is even more impressive. They will discover that Mina Ebrahimi was broke at one time. Even though she started with her parents in the restaurant business fairly young she found herself struggling to get ahead with a restaurant in her early twenties. She would struggle with her family business, but she still had a passion for food. That is why she decided to put her head down and work long and hard hours to make her dream one that had a happy ending.

Today many people in Northern Virginia know exactly who she is. People in areas outside of Northern Virginia have also become familiar with her. She had a vision to be a caterer, and this level of anxiousness about succeeding drove her to make good on her blueprint that she created.

In 20 years of work Mina Ebrahimi did not let her the flames that fueled her dreams get smothered by anything that came her way. She continued to show the world that she had something good to offer. She trained her employees and she respected her customers. She has always remained approachable and accessible to those that worked for her. Mina has always seen the value of being accessible to her customers as well. In 20 years this has worked well for her.

Her parents migrated to America, and they certainly knew the value of hard work. At the age of 26 Mina Ebrahimi had already engaged in hard work, but she was still finding out that an entrepreneur was someone that had a tough road. She would find herself of both sides of the coin.

Statistically, half of all first time businesses fail. Her first entrepreneurial attempt to run her parent’s business would fail. Fortunately, her second attempt to start a catering business put her on the other side of a statistics community of businesses that succeeded. This gave her the drive to carry on.