Omar Boraie: Visionary of Development

Omar Boraie is rated by NJ Biz as one of the top developers on the East Coast. He’s recently been getting a lot of attention for his latest project in New Brunswick. The development, named The Aspire, is located in the heart of the city. He’s had a vision for a New Brunswick project for many years.

According to Mr. Omar Boraie, he began thinking about this project over four decades ago. Back then, Boraie was an Egyptian traveling scholar of chemistry. He was in Europe at the time the original New Brunswick was in its heyday. He got to witness its magnificence during its early years.

Since then, he’s always had a dream to build a similar structure that would pay homage to the original. In order to make his dream come true, Boraie founded Boraie Development LLC. Today, he’s Patriarch and President of the company. He’s also built more than just his one dream building.

Boraie Development has worked all over the New Jersey area. Most of their buildings have been in the smaller cities, but there are a few in the big cities like Atlantic City. All of the structures and projects have been successful. None of the buildings have been torn down or had funds cutoff, as of yet.

The Boraie Development’s small town feel allows them to work in many different areas. Like all development companies, Boraie Development wants to provide their clients with the best work possible. Operating over a large area like New Jersey means that every one of their projects has to be up to standard with what they want people to think of their jobs.

Boraie’s strategy has always been to have a small town vibe. While other developers try to make everything big and extravagant, Boraie is one of the few companies that give people what they need. Boraie focuses on helping better themselves rather than better the company’s profit margin. That sort of mentality is only part of why Boraie Development is so successful.

According to Patch, the other part is that Boraie believes in taking chances. While bigger developers may not have the room for risk taking when it comes to their big-name projects, Boraie’s small time developments allow for more wiggle room. It’s part of the reason they chose to stay in small-town America. Whenever they get a chance to try something new and explore, they follow through and run with it.

The New Brunswick project was not only inspired by the original, but it was also inspired by the lack of life in New Brunswick today. He felt awful about how empty the city seemed to be at the time. In its heyday, the city was bustling with life.

That’s why this New Brunswick is so important to him. This particular building is the first of a larger project. He found 21 dilapidated and vacant buildings and bought them all. He plans on reinvigorating New Brunswick like never before.

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