Orange Coast College Receives Big Donation

Orange Coast College is a large community college that is based out of Orange County, California. The school is one of the oldest community colleges in California as its history dates back to 1947. Overall, the school has more than 24,000 students that have dozens of different associate and professional degree programs to choose from.


While Orange Coast College was already well known for its academics and facilities, the school received a major boost from a donor in the past few weeks. A former instructor and leader of the school, Mary McChesney, decided to donate $1 million to the school. The funds will be used to enhance the school’s planetarium, specifically to purchase and install a Foucault pendulum. A Foucault pendulum is a device that can be used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth in a very precise manner.


Once the Foucault pendulum is installed, it will be the only one in the Orange County area. The former professor has stated that the new Foucault pendulum will give the school a very big boost when it comes to finding new students to attend its sciences programs. The 91-year old former instructor last taught for Orange Coast College in 1983 when she retired for good. The donation ended up being in the name of her husband, who past away earlier this year. Her husband, Adelyn Bonin, was also a professor at the school for more than 30 years.


Orange Coast College’s science departments have been in the news frequently this past year. Several months ago, the botany department of the school made regional news when they announced that they had a Dead Corpse Flower near full-bloom. The attraction of the very rare flower ended up attracting thousands of visitors that wanted to experience its strange aroma and appearance.


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