Real Estate Investor and Author- Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a real estate entrepreneur who is also an author has a new book which he released recently. The book is titled Seven Figure Decision Having the Balls to Succeed. The book is described as one of the books which young investors can get insight into their business. In the book, Nick tells of how he failed and the directions he took after his failure as well as the principle he used to get back and succeed in his real estate investment. The book further gives guidance on how Nick made use of the laws to attain success in his business and financial freedom. Nick’s has also emphasized his core message in his book which is one cannot achieve success without taking risks.

In the book, Nick has given his readers some of the things they can do to move from low life to a life of being a millionaire. Nick Vertucci went ahead to list some of the mistakes he made and how he corrected them to be where he is today. Some of the challenges include

  1. ways one can change their insights and how they can change their professional’s results instantly.
  2. Methods one can use to conquer investment fears.
  3. The importance of coming from a place of self-service to a place of offering customer service for one to earn a seven-figure salary.

Everyone loves to hear the stories of from rags to riches, and this is Nick’s story, he began with nothing, and he is now among the millionaires in the United States of America. Mr. Vertucci has received a promotion from several organizations and individuals among them Kevin Harrington, the American Entrepreneur, and business bigwig. Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor and he the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The organization has expanded, and they have branches all over the United States of America.