Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides efforts in the development of managed healthcare

InnovaCare health prides itself on a leadership and management that is very competent. The competence is not a speculation, it has been proven by the experience that these leaders have. It forms an average of 120 years of experience from the management.

Healthcare organizations have greatly benefitted from their expertise, especially from the President and CEO Richard Shinto. He joined the healthcare field in the year 1998, where he started from North American Medical Management (NAMM) in California. Up to date, he has very many developments in the healthcare department credited to him.

His mission was to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, which he started acting on, right from when he was just a practicing doctor.

There is a lot of concentration on leadership for this organization. This can mostly be attributed to the great networks that the company has created. Resultantly, their decision-making process is very long, as they have to incorporate the opinions of all their partners. The value-based model is the one which is used for their leadership purposes. The discipline is evident from factors evident, such as the ethical standards, positive engagement, and effectiveness of their employees, right from the management level. The end result of these leadership efforts is the high quality of products and services as well as the high margins experienced from their operations (a sign of preference by many customers). the value-based model they are using does not prevent them from taking into consideration the evolving environment. Being in an industry that is increasingly becoming customer oriented, they are especially looking at population-focused models.

Richard Shinto has a very strong personality, mostly characterized by his witty nature, focus, and ambition. In 1998, when he started at NAMM, not many would believe that it would grow to a global level. In 2003, it unleashed its potential when it acquired The Straus Group. At that time, Daniel E. Straus was serving as the chairman. He is also a natural leader, philanthropist and a medical entrepreneur. In the year 2011, NAMM acquired MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. This was a major step towards achieving their main objective of increasing their footprint across the US. Most recently, the major achievement of the organization was getting the attention of President Donald Trump who recognized their efforts. On March 22, 2017, Penelope Konkkinides, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Inc in Puerto Rico met with President Donald Trump among other leaders (such as CMS administrator Seema Verma) in a roundtable discussion on Women in Healthcare. This is definitely a promising opportunity for the healthcare organization to actualize its objective of expanding managed healthcare.

Managed care has always been a priority for NAMM. This mostly has been achieved through developing strategies whose main component is health plans, that they strive to actualize. The name NAMM finally changed to InnovaCare Health due to the great efforts put in by the management. This was after a series of acquisitions which have led to its growth in the Medicaid market which has led to the general growth of the company consequently.


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