Roberto Santiago Created More Than Just a Mall

Roberto Santiago is the owner and the developer behind the Manaira Mall but he was able to create so much more than that when he first came up with the idea for the mall. He did what he could to make sure that he was providing people with everything that they needed but never had in a mall. He didn’t just want to create something that was a dining and shopping option. Instead, he wanted to create a mall that people could spend hours in and never get tired of. He wanted to show them what a shopping mall could be and what they would be able to get out of the mall if they chose to. He wanted people to be able to spend hours at a time in the mall and never get more of the options that they had. The Manaira Mall was a dream come true for Roberto Santiago who wanted to create something for everyone who came to visit. Read more on

Along with traditional shopping and dining experiences that most shoppers would expect to find in a mall, Roberto Santiago knew that he could provide people with an excellent experience. He wanted to show people what he was capable of and what they could get out of the different options. He focused the extra things that the mall had around Brazilian culture and that also helped the mall to be a great tourist attraction for people who were coming to visit from other areas in the world.

The Manaira Mall was not Roberto Santiago’s first business venture, though. He had actually developed several different commercial buildings in the time that he was working in development. It helped him to do better with the options that he had and with the experiences that he could create for people. He knew that development was more than just building offices and retail locations. He wanted to show people the experiences that they could get from having great places to visit and this is something that he did with the Manaira Mall. He also did it with other development opportunities that he had for people to enjoy.

When Roberto Santiago first came up with the idea for the development company, it was not something that he was going to do forever. He had actually worked creating shipping cartons and selling them to people who could use them to their advantage. This was a successful business but it was something that he did as just a child. He didn’t want to continue doing that forever and knew that he would be able to make more money in other areas. He sold that business so that he would be able to start his development business. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

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