Rocketship Education Reaching the Stratosphere of Successful Scholars

Rocketship Education is a charter school based in Redwood City, California. One of the co-founders of Rocketship Education is John Danner. John Danner is a entrepreneurial maverick. He revolutionized internet marketing with his erstwhile company Netgravity. In 1999, Danner sold Netgravity to Doubleclick . After selling his company, Danner decided to pursue his Master’s in Educational Policy at Vanderbilt University. When he received his Degree, Danner worked in the Nashville Public School system. That stint in the Nashville Public School System provided the impetus to start Rocketship Education in 2006. One of the innovative approaches used at Rocketship Education is reverse mapping. Reverse mapping is when you outline a major goal, decide how you will measure it and then what steps will bring you closer to that goal. John Danner relinquished his CEO position to co-founder Preston Smith in 2013. Preston Smith is a die-hard advocate for Rocketship Education since both of his sons are Rocketeers.

Rocketship Education’s mission is to annihilate the achievement gap in poor communities. The charter school consists of grades preK- Fifth Grade. Rocketship Education has locations in the Bay Area, Nashville, Washington D.C. and Milwaukee. Rocketship Education’s educational philosophy is what I call the trio stanchions of support. One is support of the students which are called Rocketeers by nurturing their aptitude. Student support is also given in the form of customized instruction which is based in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Rocket Education staff receives support with in-house training with the latest technological advances in our learning lab. Most important, we give support to the parents. Parents of Rocketeers are encouraged to become an active engaged partner in their child’s education. Each fall, Rocketship Education’s staff pays a home visit to every student. Rocketship Education believes in the holistic approach when it comes to the Rocketeers.