Sahm Adrangi flourish in his investment.

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale capital management. He has been involved in several aspects of firm development since 2009 when the investment was founded. Mr Adrangi launched the company with $1 million, and later the investment started managing $150 million by July. Adrangi is also a guest speaker at various conferences such as distressed debt investing conference, the activist investor conference and the Sohn conference .a negative report by Sahm Adrangi about st joe company was evaluated, and they concluded that the company over-valued and over-hyped hence it is becoming short of stock and not adding value.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is a fundamentally oriented investment that focuses on the long-term value investments and particular event-driven situations. It has published adverse reports about QuinStreet which is an internet marketing company whose stock price has recently quadrupled. Kerrisdale is doubted on the quality of and sustainability of the business of QuinStreet which Kerrisdale claims it has benefited from sham web traffic.

Sahm Adrangi was an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management. Longacre is a private investment that partners with $1.2 billion in assets. Mr Adrangi was good at conducting investments analysis and research in credit and equity his position at Longacre he worked in the bankruptcy group at a chanin capital partner. Here he could advise creditors in and out of court. The assignments he gave was representing the bank debt holders, bondholders committees, preferred equity committees and bankrupt companies.

Sahm Adrangi worked in the leveraged finance group of Deutsche bank before he took the role in Chanin. At Deutsche bank Mr Adrangi helped structure non-investment grade bank debt and yield joe interior land and channels were found to have minimal checks activity in relation to building departments and other joe which is the largest shareholder is subjected to new rules and regulations that require it to reduce its stake, raising risk of forced selling. In 2013 he engaged with Lindsay corporation management to minimise the company’s cash and capital allocation policies. The next year he decided to contest to replace the directors of Morgan’s hotel group with two directors from his slate elected in 2014.