Serge Belamant Patents New Technology

Blockchain technology is a type of technology that has received a lot of press over the past few years. When most people think of Blockchain, they immediately begin to think about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. While Blockchain has been used to help facilitate transactions that use these coins, the technology provides a lot of opportunity and promise for other reasons as well. serge belamant switched courses to computer science and applied mathematics. One individual that has done a lot of make Blockchain technology more usable and friendly for the average person is Serge Belamant.

Over the past few years, the benefits of this technology have become evident as it has provided users with the ability to better protect information and data. At the same time, people have looked for other ways to improve other services that are more traditional. Serge Belamant saw a huge opportunity to help improve the data security for debit cards through the use of Blockchain technology. Over the past few years, Serge Belamant has invented a new debit card that uses Blockchain technology while helping to reduce the risk of data theft.

Those that use this new product developed by Serge Belamant will soon find that there are a number of benefits. One of the biggest concerns that comes with using a debit card is that it can be easy for a sophisticated party to intercept and steal consumer data. For those that do not look too closely, this could soon result in data theft. When you use the new product that has been created by Belamant, your data will be hidden from outside users. This means that even if your account records are hacked, there is little risk for further loss.

Due to the potential that this new technology presents, Serge Belamant has taken the necessary steps to patent his new concept and idea. The US Patent Office has given him a full patent, which will allow him to use and license the idea in any way that he sees fit. For those that are in the banking industry, this could mean paying a fee to use the technology and provide a better service to customers.

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