Shervin Pishevar- Uber Investor Turned Stock Market Predictor

Shervin Pishevar stunned many when he decided to go on an almost day-long Twitter rant about his predictions for the future about subjects such as Bitcoin, the stock market and others. He was quick to tell how he thinks the economy of the United States is on a steep decline that won’t be turning around anytime soon.

Anyone who knows anything about Shervin Pishevar knows he is a man of many words. He touched on a variety of subjects while going on his Twitter rampage. However, once the rants were done, he was mostly out of the limelight for many months until he decided once again to return back to his company. This happened shortly after it was stated that the lawsuit he had filed against a company that was accused of running a campaign to try and smear his image was dropped by him and his lawyers.

Aside from the motivations that most would have thought, Shervin Pishevar had his own reasons to make his predictions. A couple of his top predictions were about Bitcoin and the volatility of our bonds. One Tweet talked about his concern of Volatility Indices and Managed Future Funds. He sees that both of these are doomed to fail and that one of them will be biting the bullet sooner rather than later.

Other Tweets he discussed were about Silicon Valley. He feels that it is not exactly what it used to be and will soon be coming to an end. He doesn’t necessarily feel that the exclusivity of Silicon Valley diminishing is a bad thing in the long run. He does feel, however, that it could create a decrease in economic growth in the near future domestically. Shervin Pishevar also mentioned that he sees friction-less innovation flourishing in other countries and not our own.