Stream Energy

There’s a new champion fighting for charity in the corporate world. That champion the stream energy. Giving to charity is incredibly common in the corporate world. Every year corporations give away billions to those in need. However, most do this out of a sense of its usefulness instead of a sense of loyalty and commitment to those less fortunate. While this is a exactly bad it is a more tactful take on the traditional understanding of charity. Many companies feel that having a dedicated to charity branch provides some cushion in times that they’ve fallen out of the public’s graces. This is incredibly true as a commitment to charity does soften the hearts of the public. However, some companies such as stream energy engage in charity out of a sense of duty to their community.

The trend of creating a dedicated charity branch has become more common. One of the earlier participants in this practice was stream energy. The company appreciated having a dedicated branch such as stream cares looking after the community. Further than that they hope to change the giving patterns of not only Dallas Texas but the entire state. According to sites such as

Wallethub Texas is far behind other states in regards to charity. States such as Utah Minnesota and Virginia are considerably more charitable overall. Stream energy hopes that through strategically encouraging their associates charity as well as being generous themselves they can change this.

Stream energy is a company with an easily understood business model. They generate their revenue through direct energy selling. Their associates are encouraged to build up their own network of clientele. From there the associates offer their clients things such as fixed-rate energy to even mobilephone plans. These offerings extend to residential and corporate services. Those employees who are successful salesman earn commission on their sales. By structuring the company this way they can not only encourage employee independence but also productivity. Employees feel more like partners with the company rather than employees. This ensures positive morale and employee loyalty. Instead of being a traditional salesman you feel like you are running your own business.