Susan McGalla: A success story for women everywhere

In the world of business, it has become increasingly noticeable that greater levels of diversity in leadership positions brings greater amounts of success. This applies not just to companies with greater ethnic diversity, but also to companies with greater gender diversity. An example of the success that greater gender diversity brings can be found with the success of Susan McGalla, The Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla fought for the right to make a name for herself, growing up in a household as one of the only girls. She learned early on that she needed to stand up for herself and fight for what she wanted. This instilled in her a strong desire to get what she wanted through perseverance and accepting the help of mentors in business along the way. Her achieving of success in this manner has led her to help other women along the way in a similar manner.

Susan McGella works as one of the strongest advocates for women to empower themselves in business today. She does this by calling on women to seek out professional mentors to help open doors of opportunity for them and by calling on women to actively network and start building business relationships that can help shape and guide them in their professional careers. Susan McGella also calls upon corporate sponsors to promote women to leadership roles that can help bring in different viewpoints to strengthen the company and bring in more female advocates for women in leadership roles.

Today, Susan McGalla continues to serve as one of the V.P. for the Pittsburgh Steelers while also advising students as part of the Board of Advisers for Mount Union College. She greatly enjoys advising students and hopes to continue for quite some time.

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