Sweetgreen: Salad Genius

Salads are not something most people think about as a full meal. Most salads only fill people up halfway, and they usually taste about the same. So when Sweetgreen appeared, it was a surprising success. Sweetgreen is the best high-end salad chain in the world. It accomplished something that no company had before.

One of Sweetgreen’s co-CEOs, Nathaniel Ru, talked about the brilliance behind Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen found success in an industry that wrote off salads as side dishes. When America became more health conscious, salads became a more preferred option. After spotting that opportunity, Sweetgreen dominated the field.

Sweetgreen’s dominance comes from the ingenuity of its co-CEOs. When they started the company, they wanted to have the healthiest ingredients possible. To find them, they talked directly with local farmers about what’s edible and what’s healthiest. After discovering numerous ingredients usually ignored by traditional chefs, Sweetgreen created a menu of satisfying salads they don’t leave people hungry.

Today, that winning strategy resonates with diners like no other restaurant. At most Sweetgreen locations, there’s a line leading out the door. Diners can’t get enough of Sweetgreen’s organic delicacies. Over the years, the brand’s come to stand for bettering the food people love to eat.

The true genius behind Sweetgreen is the way the co-CEOs run their company. After a certain point, most companies turn to big corporate offices, to maximize production. Sweetgreen’s trio didn’t want to have big corporate headquarters, so they came up with a way to remain bicoastal as their company grows. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Another big part of the new management strategy is making their office employees work in the restaurants every once in a while. At least five times a year, they’ll shut down their corporate offices and have everyone spend time working in the restaurant to learn who their customers are.

Staying close to customers is something that every business needs to do. Sweetgreen’s found enormous success because they tailor directly to their customers. That customer-based service isn’t an easy thing to maintain. Everyone has their own way of seeing things and experience things differently.

It took a lot of work to create a friendly atmosphere in a restaurant that gives customers so much power. That workload nearly broke the trio in the beginning. They learned quickly to surround themselves with a team.

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