Tempus’ Latest Achievement

Tempus is a technology company based in Chicago, IL, that has built the largest library in clinical and molecular data. Their genomic tests analyze DNA, RNA and proteomic data to understand patients’ tumors at a molecular level. It does not treat patients themselves. Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of this company. According to the Chicago Tribune, Tempus collected eighty million dollars from already existing and new investors on March 20, 2018. Some of the contributors are part of New Enterprises and Revolution Growth, Kinship Trust Company and T. Rowe Price Associates. This fund was considered the largest since the company was founded in 2015, when they received two-hundred and ten million dollars, and their latest fundraising brought about $1.1 billion dollars. In August of 2018, Tempus were able to raise another one hundred and ten million dollars and has given physicians a better insight on how treat their patients better, since it is partner with over fifty National Cancer Institute-cancer centers, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lefkofsky claimed that Tempus technology treats one in four cancer patients. According to Precision Medicine World Conference on March 6, 2018, three and a half years ago, Lefkofsky was surprised at the little data available from cancer research and decided to do his own research by talking to physicians and meeting with private data companies and discovered that the infrastructure of cancer research is broken. To fix this problem, he figured all the medical records had to be ripped from clinical data and be redone by combining it with molecular data and bioinformatics at a low cost in real time. Tempus uses data in order to have better clinical trails, such as with oesophageal cancer because there is little known even at a genetic level.

Another type of cancer that Tempus works on and has developed data from is prostate cancer, which they have discovered has to do with the translocation of specific genes. Tempos researchers had between one hundred and thirty to two hundred patients who had their tumors sequenced and connected a point mutation at the ATM gene. In conclusion, Tempus is a Chicago-based technology company that was co-foudned by Eric Lefkofsky in 2015. His surprise at the lack of cancer research data made him want provide better care through ripping and redoing medical record by combining them with clinical data at a low cost in order to give physicians a better insight. Tempos has raised over eighty billion dollars this year to have better cutting edge technology and use it to fight cancer.