Unicorn Queen of Lime Crime, Doe Deere

Doe Deere had gone to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City because she wanted to become a clothing designer. In 2004 she decided to sell her Lime Crime clothing designs on eBay, which was a success. But she soon realized that her true calling was makeup. The Russian born CEO and founder of Lime Crime decided to launch her cosmetics online in 2008, and that was an even bigger success.


Deere got the idea to create Lime Crime makeup when she would model her clothing for her online store, but none of the makeup she owned was bright enough. So, she started to create her own. Deere loves themes regarding magical fantasies, which is why her makeup line is of bright colors and why she’s also considered the “Unicorn Queen” of colors. Deere also keeps up with what’s trendy, and she especially follows Generation Z since they grew up with the internet and social media. When Deere creates a new line of cosmetics, she doesn’t only think about fantasy themes, she also takes into consideration mythical creatures and subcultures to create a wide variety cosmetics that everyone can enjoy. She also listens to what her customers believe can be improved, and so she works with her team to better the Lime Crime brand.


What is very admirable about Deere is that she also grows along with her brand. She is a hardworking woman and isn’t afraid to experience new things. Deere believes that it’s important to express yourself and show who you truly are, and that makeups main purpose should be because it makes you happy. Many people nowadays constantly worry about what others think about them, and they pretend to be someone they are not just to fit in even if they’re unhappy. Deere believes that people should express themselves in however way makes them happy, and that there’s always room for growth.


Deere’s cosmetics are also not tested on animals, and she made sure to work alongside a laboratory that met her needs. With her career taking off, Deere is extremely happy to now being able to support her favorite charities. Charities she and her company support are: Sanctuary For Families, Red Cross, HOLA for kids in Los Angeles, the Bideawee animal shelter, Girls Inc., and Adopt NY.


Deere is a great example of a role model for children, especially for young girls since Deere’s one of the first female entrepreneurs that successfully launched her cosmetics company. You don’t hear much about female entrepreneurs, so it’s important to teach young girls that they too can become successful businesswomen. Deere is now located in Los Angeles, California where she continues to work on creating more vividly bright cosmetics for Lime Crime.


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