United Technologies Corporation Wouldn’t Be Half The Company It Is Today Without The Work Of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert technically retired in 2014, but he has continued to stay busy by focusing on hobbies and serving the Yale Cancer Center as its chairman of the advisory board. He has also served as a senior industry advisor to the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, who hired him on in order to profit from his knowledge in the aerospace industry. Chenevert earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management while attending the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC), which is a business school. He also received a pair of honorary degrees from HEC Montréal as well as Concordia University.

Louis Chenevert has always been a gifted entrepreneur, and while he is continuing to be the part of the success of many different companies, his real legacy is what he has done for United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He started working for the company after serving with one of its child companies, Pratt & Whitney. He eventually became the president and chief executive officer of UTC in 2008 and then became its chairman in 2010. He had already been working with UTC for some time before this and was responsible for the company’s GTF engine.

Louis Chenevert has always had the ability to walk into a factory and discover whether things were working well or not. He has also always looked forward to a good challenge, and UTC gave him that. When Chenevert took over, the company was doing ok but should have been doing better. UTC was hiring most of its workforce overseas, and he felt like he could do a better job working with employees from the United States. This motivated him to set up in Connecticut instead of working with factories all over the country, and this move helped to speed up production. This also led to a higher quality product that was made in the U.S.A. Chenevert believed in investing in the workforce of UTC, and he was behind the company’s move to set up scholarships for its workers. To this day, when people think about the success of UTC, they think about the man who is mostly responsible for it, and that man is Louis Chenevert.