Waiakea Water is Committed to Making a Difference

Contrary to popular belief, not all bottled water is the same. Many brands of bottled water contain the equivalent of tap water found in your home. They also pocket their profits and do nothing to help those in need across the world. What’s more, plastic water bottles are a detriment to our environment. But Waiakea Bottled Water is hoping to change all of that. When you purchase a bottle of Waiakea water, you are also helping bring clean water to third world countries. Sales of the Waiakea volcanic water from Hawaii directly support non-profit organizations. One of them is called Pump Aid ,which installs and builds pumps in remote villages. The pumps provide these people access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water. The numbers are staggering, Americans use 665 liters of water per day compared to 15 to 20 liters per day that those in impoverished countries have access to.

Productivity and longer life expectancy is the result of these people by drinking Waiakea water. So many of these people suffer from thirst, disease and other water related illnesses. Anyone can donate money to charity, those that don’t have the spare cash can simply purchase a bottle of Waiakea water. Not only are you helping others, you are helping yourself by drinking one of the safest bottled waters on the planet. For one liter of Waiakea water purchased, the company provides clean water to last a full week. The water comes from the Big Island of Hawaii. Due to the fact that it rains 360 days per year in the area, clean water is constantly cycling through. The water travels through volcanic rock that contains important minerals. Waiakea water contains silica which may reduce Alzheimer’s disease. Silica helps the water go down silky smooth. The next time you are purchasing bottled water, think of Waiakea water. No one around the world should go without clean drinking water.

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